Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Damn, they are dipping into the IRR now? That is the last step before teh draft.....
Reserves Near Breaking Point
ahh, finally some good and refreshing news!
AIDS Could Breed Africa Terrorism

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yeah, that's the smiling, kiss the baby guy that we all know and love :) Print Page: -- The Veep Pick: Pros and Cons: "campaigning contrasts sharply with that of Republican Vice-President Dick Cheney, who on a bus tour through Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia last weekend showed little appetite for chatting up or even greeting voters. "
ahh, Va Tech - what a classy institution!
Tech QB suspended after being charged with reckless driving, marijuana possession
Congratulations to TiVo - for creating a niche where there wasn't one before, for creating a brand name like Xerox or Amazon on word of mouth alone in just a few short years. Hope you make for the next birthday and many more!
What TiVo Teaches Us