Friday, October 28, 2005

proof that my buddy is smaaatt.
yet another reason that i LOVE the internet - hip hop YODA. how else but with a medium like the internet could something like this be created, distributed and then pimped by people like me around the world? the whole concept, when you sit back and think about it is freakin' awesome and i love it!!
It doesn't matter if you like George W. or not - you have to admit that this week has been about as bad politically as it could have been. In just the past week we have:

1) Crossed the line to 2,000 American deaths in Iraq. While the 2,000th death doesn't have any less significance then 1,956th, the symbolism hasn't been lost on the press and I'm guessing in the eyes of many.

2) Harriet Miers pulls out of the running to become Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The interesting part here is that I read in the NY Times a quote by a Republican Senator just the day before that there was no way that she would pull out before going to the Judicial Committee - it would be seen as embarassing to the President. Guess he's embarassed as she didnt' even make it close.

3) Now it's time to ring up a nice closing to the week with "Scooter" and Karl "Satan" Rove tee'd up for possible indictments. I shouldn't mock Karl too much - he's just THE perfect political operative - nothing more, nothing less. If he was supporting and advising someone that I liked then I would love him!

I understand that George is heading up to Camp David for the weekend - think he had to ask Condi if he could go out of town for the weekend :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Back to the metro wi-fi party again with Cisco looking to announce a mesh product.

Now, I'm not really a big fan of meshing to start with but at least Cisco is taking a two radio approach to the problem - one radio for client acquisition and one for backhaul. This is, in my mind at least, a significantly better solution then the single radio solution proposed by the likes of Tropos. The contention issue is simply something that can't be ignored - but those Tropos guys can sell around just about anything......
Driver, 93, rolls through St. Pete toll booth with body sticking out of windshield.....what more can i add to this?
so i've been sitting and stewing over the ridiculousness flying all over the web re: scratches on the ipod nano and it's come to the point that i have to finally weigh in. when i saw the news yesterday that some lunatic is planning a class action law suit over the nano scratching too easily i nearly lost it - especially when i read that the heart of their complaint is that apple designed the nano with an poly/acrylic layer that is too thin therefore making it more susceptible to scratching. now here's my question, how would the thickness of the layer make it any more or less "scratchable"? it doesn't matter if it's an eigth of an inch thick or two inches thick - the scratching would be the same. it's completely irrelevant! the point SHOULD be if the resin layer is any less hard then that used on previous ipods - making it more susceptible to scratching and that my friends is where they are going to have a problem because apple is using exactly the same material. in my mind, the problem is that the black nano is outselling the white nano something like 5 to 1 and the scratches are much more visible against that black background. the other problem is that people are taking advantage of the nano's small size and putting it in their pockets and other places where it can be easily scratched with keys, change, etc. the larger ipods don't have that problem because, well, they're larger! if you want to see the results of a completely non-scientific test on the nano's durability - take a look here.

so here's my closing thought - you have to be a complete f'ing nelly to bitch and moan about this. this is nothing more then a sign of how plush and easy our lives are when people can get this wrapped around the axle over something so ridiculous!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

oh, i know it's a horrible sign of conspicuous consumption but i absolutely crave this new camera from kodak! first of all, it's black, which is much cooler then all the damn silver electronic gear that we have been dealing with for the last few years. check out the size of that screen on the back - it's totally drool-worthy. why is it conspicuous consumption? because i already have a perfectly good digital camera - another kodak to tell you the truth. the only problem is that it's not as small, the screens not as big, it's silver and not black and it's not 5 mp....but other then that it's fine!

who in the world woke up one day and decided that cell phones, tv's, and everything else looked better in silver then in black?? HELLOOOOO - don't they know that black is more slimming :) perfect example - motorola stratac. the black version was, quite possibly, the most perfect phone ever made. i know, the functionality can't rival what we can do these days on the newest samsung or whatever - but it looked soooo good! i'm betting that's why they went and came out with the black RAZR....i'm tempted to get one just cuz it's so bad ass looking. i've been a samsung customer for the last few years while using sprint pcs and just swapped back to moto when i changed to verizon and i have no idea what in the world i was thinking. i mean, this thing is so f'ing cludgy. the menu's suck, the UI blows, i'm an idiot.

on a much better note let's talk about how i totally kicked a$$ at guesstures this weekend when we had "game night" after a dinner party. if you don't know the game it's like charades on speed. not exactly the most brain-bending game of all time but hey, it makes everyone laugh and that's what counts.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The New Times people are buying the Village Voice.

Friday, October 21, 2005

A very interesting article about Apple, it's growth, and it's future as a media center for the home
I have no idea how many people peruse this blog o' mine but I may as well show those random visitors something to, hopefully, let them know that I'm at least a little smart. This is the team that I put together to bid the Philly Wi-Fi project - the one that Earthlink ended up winning. We (I was working for SAIC at the time of the decision) decided to "no-bid" the job when the customer said that there was no money - we (SAIC) along with a number of the large players bailed at that time. In the end I think that the best team likely won - regardless of the fact that it's awefully hard to beat a team that isn't charging the customer a nickel! Oh well, onwards and upwards I guess. Posted by Picasa
If you're hurting for ideas for that next "great" trip then check out these 50 places in an article from New York Magazine.....and don't forget who showed you the promised land i.e. take me along for the ride!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

this is all i want to know - is harriet miers really the MOST qualified candidate for the Supreme Court out there? Of the 295,734,134 people in the United States, is she the best? so far her credentials seem to be the ability to tell the bush's that their daughters ought to realize that they are "cool"....hmmm....shaky legal qualifications in my mind. she ran her law firm - that should be telling in and of itself. what law firm put's it's sharpest legal mind in an operational role where she will spend more time deciding on which supplier to buy paper from?!?!

hell, to top it all off she get her JD @ SMU - hardly a bastion of legal excellence ranking just ahead of pitt and just behind baylor in this years us news & world report grad school rankings.

shouldn't we strive to have the BEST legal minds on that bench? more then ever before this appoinment reeks of cronyism and it's pathetic, no, it's just sad.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

For those of you that haven't met them yet, Gor (aka G$) and his lovely fiance Bridget.....yeah....he scored WAY out of his league with her :) Posted by Picasa
Now this is a potentially interesting advance in the world of wi-fi (one of my favorite pet topics!!)
One of my favorite pics from my trip a few weeks ago to Boulder, CO. Went hiking in Chautauqua Park in the shadow of the Flatirons - absolutely beautiful..... Posted by Picasa
this just can't be good!
Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers