Friday, August 29, 2008


This is just plain cool.

It's also a great example of stats being skewed via self-selection. Take a look at how Obama "polls" via Twitter users - it's a LANDSLIDE!! I don't know how much better and work around the self-selection bias but at least it looks a bit more reasonable.

In addition, it's a great lesson in the oddities of the electoral college system. Obama and McCain could be a dead-heat percentage wise but as long as Obama carries the big states he's can walk away with it...hence the ever present discussion of battleground states.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Campaign Cola 2008 | Election Resources | Voting Vernacular

What are the poll tracking implications of the number of cases of soda bought with each candidates likeness on it?


Shannon, Marve, Suspensions and other things

Here's the keys to the article:
UF welcomes back player that beat up then shot at another student....with an AK-47!?!?!?
FSU welcomes back a player that was caught with a gun and weed
Penn State has had 46 players arrested since 2002 and says "I can't control what they do off field"
Georgia had 8 players arrested this off season


Every single REAL Canes fan needs to get behind Randy Shannon and support him 110% - no questions asked.

PickensPlan » Blog Archive » Too Hot For NBC

Alright, I know that Pickens has a vested interest in natural gas....but if this is true....and NBC simply doesn't want to run the ad for an as yet undetermined reason then this is just plain silly.


Apple’s iPod Touch Can Act as iTunes Remote For Music System | Nick Wingfield | Personal Technology | AllThingsD

This is just a cool, slick little app....makes me almost want to go get an iPod touch right now

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hacker: Gymnast He is 14, not 16 - Salon Olympics Daily - Salon

Hacker: Gymnast He is 14, not 16 - Salon Olympics Daily - Salon

In a pathetic attempt to achieve "Project 119" and greater glory, the Chinese government has actually done the opposite and "lost face" by doing things like this....sad....pathetic and sad

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