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Extra Motivation: "Sensabaugh's comments were passed out to every Miami player after practice Tuesday in case the Hurricanes needed another reason to beat up UNC this weekend." News | NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate: "In the enhanced photo of the first debate, Nelson says, look at the horizontal white line in middle of the president's back. You'll see a shadow. 'That's telling me there's definitely a bulge,' he says. 'In fact, it's how we measure the depths of the craters on the moon or on Mars. We look at the angle of the light and the length of shadow they leave. In this case, that's clearly a crater that's under the horizontal line -- it's clearly a rim of a bulge protruding upward, one due to forces pushing it up from beneath.' "
This analysis was done by a NASA scientest (on his own time). He does photo analysis of such things as pictures from the moon Titan to determine if there are craters or such on the surface. He used much the same process to enhance and analyze this image.
How cool is this - the Navy has a website dedicated to letting anyone out there track when and where a Lunar Eclipse is going to happen! I love the Internet :)Lunar Eclipse Computer
it does seem to look a little like a poorly placed device attached to his back with a cord running up to the right shoulder. i don't usually think that the conspiracy nuts have anything more then pot smoke between their ears but this is getting a little fishy.....
my friend mark thinks that it's actually a mind control device operated by cheney to hit the pleasure and pain centers of shrubs brain - i think that's a little extreme :)