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McLaren stripped of constructors' points and fined $100 million in Formula One spy case - Yahoo! Sports

Hmmm, I wonder if the NFL would ever think of fining the Patriots a similar amount?

Oden lost for season - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Is this really a surprise? Did anyone ACTUALLY believe that he wasn't already 35 and getting ready to have the kinds of aches/pains and other problems that a regular 35 year old NBA center has to deal with?


I'm a monkey.........

Ok, this could quite possibly be the best video/advertising clip ever.....I mean it.....ever



So I was watching an episode of Dan Rather reports on HD Net last night - episode 227 where he talks about the voting machine industry - both touchscreen and paper ballots.

While he brings up some excellent points about how paper ballots, when manufactured correctly, are a great way to count votes - the show made me think even more about the voting machine industry and how secretive it is about the inner workings. He made in interesting comment about whether or not the thing that is one of the cornerstones of the American way, voting, should be shrouded in mystery and covered up like it is.

It made me think - there are so many opensource technologies that are if not as complicated then at least approaching it - from the software point of view at least. There are the obvious things like Firefox, MySQL and Asterisk. There are the hundreds of applications, plug-ins and sundry items that you find on SourceForge.

What's been missing? A hardware platform. Well, as it so happens there is a …