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go to - this is my fav entry so far!
this is so disturbing (the audio that is) that i actually thought about NOT posting it to the blog, but i couldn't help it. this is truly, truly sickRoboDump 1.0
Extra Motivation: "Sensabaugh's comments were passed out to every Miami player after practice Tuesday in case the Hurricanes needed another reason to beat up UNC this weekend." News | NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate: "In the enhanced photo of the first debate, Nelson says, look at the horizontal white line in middle of the president's back. You'll see a shadow. 'That's telling me there's definitely a bulge,' he says. 'In fact, it's how we measure the depths of the craters on the moon or on Mars. We look at the angle of the light and the length of shadow they leave. In this case, that's clearly a crater that's under the horizontal line -- it's clearly a rim of a bulge protruding upward, one due to forces pushing it up from beneath.' "
This analysis was done by a NASA scientest (on his own time). He does photo analysis of such things as pictures from the moon Titan to determine if there are craters or such on the surface. He used much the same process to enhance and analyze this image.
How cool is this - the Navy has a website dedicated to letting anyone out there track when and where a Lunar Eclipse is going to happen! I love the Internet :)Lunar Eclipse Computer
it does seem to look a little like a poorly placed device attached to his back with a cord running up to the right shoulder. i don't usually think that the conspiracy nuts have anything more then pot smoke between their ears but this is getting a little fishy.....
my friend mark thinks that it's actually a mind control device operated by cheney to hit the pleasure and pain centers of shrubs brain - i think that's a little extreme :)
Damn, they are dipping into the IRR now? That is the last step before teh draft.....
Reserves Near Breaking Point
ahh, finally some good and refreshing news!
AIDS Could Breed Africa Terrorism
Yeah, that's the smiling, kiss the baby guy that we all know and love :) Print Page: -- The Veep Pick: Pros and Cons: "campaigning contrasts sharply with that of Republican Vice-President Dick Cheney, who on a bus tour through Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia last weekend showed little appetite for chatting up or even greeting voters. "
Congratulations to TiVo - for creating a niche where there wasn't one before, for creating a brand name like Xerox or Amazon on word of mouth alone in just a few short years. Hope you make for the next birthday and many more!
What TiVo Teaches Us
I think that I am starting to suffer a little carpal tunnel - I use my mouse in my right hand and it aches after a long day...
Sponge Mouse May Revolutionize Point-Click
Need I say more!?!?!?
Great lakes of urine
Can you imagine what would happen if 77 people were killed this year @ the Indy 500? I bet that they would cancel the race for good - in this age of money chasing lawyers and all. There is no way that they could insure themselves after that!
ON THIS DAY | 11 | 1955: Le Mans disaster claims 77 lives
wouldn't you think that the people who came up with the numbers that showed a reduction in terrorism would ask themselves "does this seem right??" - and then they have the gall to say it's an innocent mistake. It was either intentional and someone should be fired or the people that compiled the report are stupid and should be fired.
US U-turn on upbeat terror report
Ok, i would have had a nervous breakdown if I was this guy!
Call It the Dead E-Mail Office
OK, i know that none of you are going to remember this but i said - as soon as this was announced - that it was going to be a titanic failure of webvan proportions!! too much money chasing too little revenue with too small of a customer base. which part of that equation makes sense?!?!
Wi-Fi provider to close
The whole thing is pretty good, but I almost let some snot fly out of my nose when I hit the end!!
Jon Stewart's Commencement Address @ William and Mary
ok, this one is just too weird to NOT be true...

Nightclub 'chips'


checking out how the "mail to" feature works for posting to my blog. r.
Robert Freeborn "The only thing necessary for the triumph
of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
uh oh - isn't email a bitch??
Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in Custody
wow - this is an upset father.... but can you blame him!?!?
Berg Died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'Sins' - Father
jesus, the only god damn wireless router that works and they are getting out of the business! i can't believe it! come on bill, throw us a bone, don't do this. i finally really loved a product from redmond and now you are leaving us tit's up with only linksys or some crap from someone even worse as an option!?!?!
Microsoft says bye-bye to Wi-Fi
Here's a question for you. Why in the world does the damn ice cream truck drive so fast by you? I mean, here I am sitting and working this afternoon and I just heard the ice cream truck. Being the fat bastard that I am, I wanted to go get something - but nooooo. By the time I even got my ass out of the chair and away from the keyboard it was game over. No dice. No ice cream for me! Oh well. At the rate I am working out my ass is destined to eventually flow over the sides of the chair and take on the approximate dimensions of a sicilian pizza - with the same texture and coloring. Pleasant, eh?

Enough complaining for this 5 minute period. I need to get back to work and get some of the 50 things off my "to do" list. What a country....

ps - my f'ing DVR in my TW cable box decided to crap out today. I have no idea what happened but I am in the middle of taking and break and want to watch some CSI:Miami and all I get is the black screen staring me back in the face! I am pi…
testing out the comments field
Internet Cutoff Ordered at Interior

when da' judge says to stop surfing the porn, he means it!
Ex-Aide in Congress Charged As Iraq Spy
wow - this just can't be good for your career as a DC publicist :)
Bush Avoided Attacking Suspected Terrorist Mastermind
Ahh, the Bush White House, they always stay on message... um, what was the messge again? Rid the world of terrorism? nahh, that's too hard, can't get elected if I can't give results. Oh yeah, let's attack Iraq, daddy did it, so can I!! :p
Niners release Garcia
It's time for the lightening round - say the first thing that comes to your head.

Do you take Feeley or Jeff Garcia??
The Rosetta mission
Are we supposed to believe that after the British couldn't land something safely on Mars that they will land something safely on a small, fast moving comet??? you gotta be kiddin!!
Earth almost put on impact alert
ahh - so good to know that we were THIS close to almost going into a global panic!!
Was Bush Performing Community Service in Texas Due to a Drug or Alcohol Conviction?:
"Q: Why does a 'yes' or 'no' elude you on this? "
This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read. Interesting reading on more probs for Shrub.
Smiles fade at Napster
If Napster can't make it - just how many competitors to iTunes will be left standing? How long till someone other then Apple support ACC? - NFL - Pasquarelli: Arm strength: "Of the consensus top 10 quarterbacks here, six stand 6-feet-4 or taller and six weighed in at 220 pounds or more. Roethlisberger was a whopping 249"
Damn - these boys are getting big!

Wonder if we should remind Len that Ben went to Miami University, not University of Miami?
Henson holds promise; contract holds headaches:
the Miami Dolphins seem to be most eagerly pursuing Henson
what do you guys think of this??
UK Medics to Prescribe Maggots as Wound Cleansers
I don't care how sterile and beneficial they say this would be - it would make me gag at the mere thought of it. I had better be unconscious for this to happen to me! One interesting fact - I didn't know that maggots couldn't eat healthy flesh...
Bush Wins Triple Trifecta as Worst President Ever
this article is worth reading just for the use of the phrase "triple trifecta"!!
Is British National Gallery's New Raphael a Fake?
This just isn't a good career move for a curator, now is it? :)
Lucrative Deals for a Daughter of Politics
Looks like a duck, walks like a duck..........
A-Rod deal a bit unsettling
This may be one of the most bitter and biased little bits of reporting that I have read in quite a while..... wonder if he's a BoZox fan??
Then There's UWB, WiMax, wOzNet...
The next generations of wireless broadband. I want my UWB!
These Phone Calls Aren't Phone Calls
Excellent ruling by the FCC. There is just one problem for residential VoIP providers to overcome and that is to provide dial tone at more then one handset. How many people have just one phone!?!
Sox Owner: A-Rod Deal Shows Need for Cap
Amazing how John Henry comes out in favor of a salary cap after the BoZox aren't able to consumate the A-Rod deal and the Yankees could....

The absolute height of hypocrisy.
Prosecutor in Terror Case Sues Ashcroft
Now the guy that lost an election to a dead man is being sued by another prosecutor over screwing up a terrorism trial.....

not a good day to be working in DC :)
Scalia Defends Hunting Trip With Cheney
Scalia is too blinded by his inflated sense of self worth to realize that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck.........
Claim vs. Fact: The President on Meet the Press
Da Prez is having a hard time grappling with this basic concept of the truth - poor guy. He really looks so confused and befuddled so easily...
Yahoo! News - Warrant Issued for Top Miami Recruit
1 - i don't think it's fair to single out miami as being blind in this case - all the schools in the race did EXACTLY the same thing

2 - i would actually put a little more blame on FLORIDA then anyone else. They had a high school student staying with them on a recruiting trip with apparently ZERO supervision! This all happened on their watch, not ours. Notice how he didn't get in trouble at any of the other stops on the journey?? I can't believe that they would be glossed over, not with the attention this is getting now. It's an institutional failure on the part of the University of Florida athletic department!
t r u t h o u t - U.S. Plan to Transfer Power In Iraq May Shift Drastically
Interesting how the Iraqi's are going to be allowed direct elections when we in the United States aren't!

Wonder what it would take to get direct elections here and to get rid of this damn electoral college......
Exerpts from speech by Pres. Bush on Feb 27 2001 re: the budget of the United States of America. Please note, he isn't talking about his personal budget (and we don't know if he can balance a checkbook) or that of a third world banana republic but instead the budget of the US. Note, this is before the tragedy of Sept 11 - but his ONE TRILLION dollar commitment should have covered that, eh?? :)

My budget has funded a responsible increase in our ongoing operations. It has funded our nation's important priorities. It has protected Social Security and Medicare. And our surpluses are big enough that there is still money left over.

Many of you have talked about the need to pay down our national debt. I listened, and I agree. (Applause.) We owe it to our children and grandchildren to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt during the next 10 years. (Applause.) At the end of those 10 years, we will have paid down all the debt that is available to retir…
U.N. Inspectors Had Most Accurate Intelligence Assessments of Iraq
That's right, the people on the ground that said that there was nothing there were.... suprise.... CORRECT!!
The Parking Lot Effect on Climate Change
Very interesting story about how our modifications of the land surface of the earth could be effecting global climates.
Scalia Was Cheney Hunt Trip Guest; Ethics Concern Grows
Ok, let me get this straight. Scalia (a republican appointed Supreme Court judge) takes a hunting trip with the Vice President of the United States aboard Air Force 2 to a duck hunting camp owned by the head of an oil services firm........ three weeks after the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of Richard B Cheney in the case of him not having to expose documents related to energy companies lobbying to form our national energy policy.

Gosh, I sure can't see the ethics conflict here!!
Ready, Set, Wreck:
"The director of the state's Department of Financial Services Fraud Division, Bob Neumann, estimates that a whopping 80 percent of accident-related insurance claims in Miami-Dade County are phony, equaling hundreds of millions of dollars in payouts."
Further proof of the deep levels of corruption that are rampant in South Florida. I think that calling it a third world country may be a step up in the world!
Bush Building 'Warren Commission' to Investigate His Case For War
Interesting that the White House is even using the term "Warren Commision" - with the obvious connections to the white wash of what really happened..... hmmm.... think we can expect a repeat performance?!?!
Janet, Ms. Jackson if your nasty
Apparently, Janet is the nasty one....

All joking aside - take a look at the close up of her breast (like I gotta tell you to do that!) If you notice, it looks like the seam around her breast has snaps on it, like the material that was attached and Timberlake grabbed was meant to come off easily!

By the way - just how surprised does he look in the next picture!?!? NOT!
Stampede Kills 244 at Hajj Pilgrimage
Safety measures were in place at the site - one where fatal stampedes have been frequent - but "caution isn't stronger than fate," said Saudi Hajj Minister Iyad Madani. "All precautions were taken to prevent such an incident, but this is God's will."
Yeah, this is an advanced religion and civilization. I got a deal for them. Just close the fucking borders and don't come out. If you are sooooo pissed off at us - turn your back on us and the rest of the world. Oh, at the same time, tell your fucking clerics and leaders to not invest in our stock markets, fuck our whores or drink our liquor - ok?
'Biggest' heroin haul in Pakistan
All I want to know is how in the hell can we expect the Afghan government to control the drug trade when it isn't under control with the US Army on the ground and fighting a declared war? There is no hope!

Drugs = corruption
Corruption = political instability
Political Instability = the same fucking problem we had the first time!
Gateway to Buy EMachines for $235 Million
interesting consolidation in the PC industry
Bush Declines to Back Call for Intel Probe:
"but he declined to endorse calls for an independent investigation"
I can't believe the hypocrisy of the President as he runs like a bull to knock down this investigation when the Republicans in Congress were mad dogs when Clinton lied about a blowjob. I am a firm believer that there are different degrees of lies - one when you are lying to cover your ass to your wife and one when your like kills thousands of people.
"There is no deadline for those inspectors, the Iraq Survey Group, to complete their work"
Hmmm - no deadlines for the Survey Group (as he hopes they work FAR past the elections) but he has firm deadlines in mind for the 9/11 Commission so that their report doesn't come out at a time that is "politically sensetive" - I mean come on - what's more important... politics or the truth about the greatest single tragedy in the history of our country. I guess when you are a lying fuckup that got …
Disney loses Pixar
This is a huge blow to Disney. They just got done shutting down the Orlando animation studios and Nemo is up for 4 Oscars. Wow, how the mighty have fallen. Could it be time for Eisner to go? - NHL - NHL Recap: "Yzerman was working out after the game and was not available for comment."
This statement is one of the reasons that Stevie Y is now #6 on the all time scoring list. You have to remember how BAD the Wings were for the first 1/3 of his career. He has been the team captain for TWO DECADES. Fucking Stud
t r u t h o u t - The Hartford Courant | Demolishing The WMD Theory: " Americans are owed an explanation of why their government's case for war does not hold up. It should come from Mr. Bush. The director of the CIA does not take the nation to war. The president is the one who makes such life and death decisions"
Saddam's Capture Has Very Little Impact on Attitudes to the War in Iraq
Some of these statistics are actually frightening -
Approximately a quarter of the US population believes that "clear evidence of weapons of mass destruction has been found in Iraq"
Just over half believe "clear evidence that Iraq was supporting Al Qaeda has been found in Iraq"
About half think that the government tried to portray the info about WMD ACCURATELY!

Holy shit - with statistics like this it's no wonder that someone like George Bush can be elected in the first place. I mean, what does this say about the intelligence of the average American - I would have to say that we are living in a nation of fucking idiots. Please lord, tell me in some divine way that people this stupid are also too stupid to vote.... please please please!
iTunes ad to show sued file-swappers
further proof that steve job's hasn't lost his sense of humor :)
t r u t h o u t - Robert McNamara: 'It's Just Wrong What We're Doing':
"Robert McNamara breaks his silence on Iraq: The United States, he says, is making the same mistakes all over again."
I think that McNamara is one of the few people in the WORLD who has both the moral and social authority to speak out this way about the current conflict in Iraq and how it has been handled. Based on what happened in Vietnam and his role there - he is emminently qualified!
US chief Iraq arms expert quits
Ah, I love the stench of fresh lying in the morning...... it smells like..... presidential corruption!
Doctors Remove 175-Pound Tumor from Woman
Shit, there is no way in hell to say "It's not a tuma"!! That is freakin nuts!
Lopez announces split from Affleck
aw shucks - no more bennifer :(
Insomnia's Wake-Up Call: "Marketing powerhouse Pfizer has a dominant incumbent in Viagra, but Eli Lilly's (LLY ) Cialis and Bayer's (BAY ) Levitra are trying to horn in to the market."
Do you really think that the author was thinking when she said "horn in" when talking about impotency drugs?? :)
Really though, this is a good article about some upcoming competition for Ambien.
Inert Ramblings: Is Apple calling Microsoft and Windows users poseurs?
Apple doing some subliminal thumbing of their nose at windows!
NASA: No data from Spirit rover in more than 24 hours
Damn, and just when we could thumb our noses at the British for losing their manly spacecraft "Beagle" (tee hee hee) we manage to click a few pictures, roll off the lander and then CLICK CLICK BOOM - nada, nothing more.
t r u t h o u t - Rick Perlstein | Bush Flees Iraq Mess On The Campaign Express: " Welcome to the new Iraq. Recently Lloyds of London has begun selling insurance to U.K. firms with reconstruction contracts, to pay off if America quits the scene before reconstruction is complete. An American insurer, Marsh & McLennan, has chosen not to offer its usual line of insurance for political risk, expropriation, and terrorism. The smart money in Iraq, it appears, is betting on a bugout.
'This is a plan that is entirely geared to create political peace in the United States from June to November,' Blumenthal observes. 'Whether it has any relations to the facts on the ground is another question.'
War opponents might be tempted to take heart: If President Bush wants to end an ugly and wasteful war in order to get elected, let him."

I wonder when the time will come that a US President gets called before an international war crimes tribunal for actions suc…
Pentagon's Online Voting Program Deemed Too Risky ( "'The concern for security is a good thing, and we respect what they've done,' Glenn Flood said. 'But we think the thing will be secure, and security will continue to be enhanced. We're not going to stop it.' "
An attitude like that BLOWS my freaking mind! Nothing but an invitation to sheer and utter failure.......
Soros puts money where mouth is to defeat Bush
sweet - soros has more money then most of the bush supporters combined. if he really gets pissed and really cares about this then we may have a very different result then the weenies in the white house want!

"It's got a rise out of me and it will probably find an expression in the amount of money (I donate)," Soros said. "I have made rejection of the Bush doctrine the central project of my life for the next year."

Abandoned Bicycles of New York
This is the kind of artwork you could only find in New York!
Top 25 for 2004
Already looking at the '04 college football season. Is it to early? I don't think so :)
One Phone To Rule Them All
Interesting way to hold the phone companies hostage - in this case both your cell and landline carrier!
Miami proposes linking ballpark to Orange Bowl
Holy shit, this is turning into a goat fuck of titanic proportions that could ONLY happen in a place with as screwed up of a local government as Miami. I can't believe that adults would sit around and have this conversation. Can you even begin to fathom the kind of problems that would be brought on by bringing baseball sized crowds into the Orange Bowl neighborhood 81 (plus any potential playoff appearances) times a year!?!? Only a crackhead would come up with an idea this stupid. And then to do a half ass retrofit of the OB and reduce it's capacity by 25%??? And the topper? They are asking to get sign off on a South Florida baseball stadium without a retractable roof - I mean, has ANYONE BEEN LISTENING FOR THE LAST DECADE??

Miami doesn't deserve to have the Marlins and Fort Lauderdale won't get f*&%ed up the ass to take the Marlins - what a sad state of affairs for a World Series championship team, eh?
A PC In Your Pocket
drool drool - me wants the antelope technologies PDA/PC/wonder device!
Sowing the Apple Seeds of Love
The kind of news that I never thought that I would read - Apple reselling its hardware under another manufacturers (HP) name! I think that this is either a desperate move to stave off the competition or a move to enforce a leadership position...
Woman Suing Over Lottery Has Past Charges
My fav part of this story is that the taxes that are being paid on this will take her city from a deficit to a slight surplus!
China mobiles outstrip landlines
the telecom world is a very, very different place then it was a mere ten years ago. when the kind of services provided by voip are tossed into the mix you will start the hear the creaking and groaning of the top heavy traditional telecom powers like the baby bells as their profits continue to erode.
Blue-sky thinking about climate
Wow - some scientest are starting to show me that maybe the earth won't be that great of a place to be in a few years, if we keep on keeping on with the way we are burning fossil fuels, etc.
Selection committee could be in BCS future
How exactly would a selection committe have fixed this years mess? There were three teams with the same record. Each one has a legitimate shot at the game. And let's look at the drive for a playoff. With the truly limited number of teams that can play at the top levels - in all honesty no more then 5 in a regular season - then is it a playoff that we really need? And if we are doing a playoff of - say - 4 teams, what about that 5th team? They have just as much of a right to be in the playoff as the other teams. This is where most pundits screw up by saying that in the case of a 4 team playoff that the 5th ranked team wouldn't have a reason to say that they deserve the national championship. That is arguing apples and oranges, it has nothing to do with the teams right to be champion but instead their right to PLAY for it. Isn't that what everyone is bitching about? I may be a bit skewed in my perception - but couldn't it be argu…
Time to revise some '03 misperceptions
go down to the bottom of the column and read about Mandel's predictions for next year - that's right, predicting next year ALREADY!! I freakin love college football :)
Law firm considering iPod battery class action suit
more in the saga about the quality of iPod batteries
Apple G5 powered supercomputer @ Virginia Tech
Great story about the entire experience of building a supercomputer from off the shelf components (Power Mac G5's running Mac OS X) in just 3 months that is rated the third fastest in the world.
Wien: Osama, Rumsfield, Cheney Will Be Gone
interesting predictions for the new year - both political and financial.
What was Britney thinking?
the big question - did the dude get a chance to consumate the marriage!?!?
Universal remote roundup
Very cool roundup for the remote control "power user" (is that just a nice way of saying fat bastard couch potato??) The New Face Of Audi
the newest of new audi's..... SWEET! - Page2 - The 13 levels of losing
a must read for ANY sports fan. guarantee that you can relate to most of these feelings!
'Canes lose a lot of talent -- again
wow - I didn't know that the special teams coach had criticized monroe's work ethic. that makes his punting performance that much harder to take!
a shitty game of bait and switch by Replay TV

Service Charges Irk Replay TV Customers
the best part - the movie was made on an ibook use imovie and it's being shown in quicktime!!

iPod's Dirty Secret