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yeah, even my company is being painted with this brush, i really wish they weren't....

Study: Bush donors rake in contracts

Girls pummel man who exposed himself
ahh, the pleasant stench of corporate welfare going bad again as the politicians and team owners go back and decide to screw over the fans once again!! Yeah, traffic in downtown Miami during rush hour will be a breeze!!

North-of-Dade fans: Drive to Miami stadium would be too far
What is the last time you heard about a kid being this straight up and honest? Impressive, I would want to look at recruiting him based on this act alone.

High School QB record erased
I've been talking about this since they first started the insane bidding wars on 3G licenses. Unfortunately for the wireless companies, they have actually been TOO successful since that bidding war happened, so many people have signed up and customer penetration rates are so high (85% in UK and 94% in Italy) that the only way to get people to move from their current phone/plan is to offer something truly compelling, and that isn't even close to happening yet.

3G - A Network too far?
please Miami, please please please don't give away the farm and prove yet again that you are a bunch of local yokels when it comes to politics and give the Marlins the key to the bank when it comes to financing a new stadium. it's simple, a ball club doesn't generate more income for the area and Miami needs revenue like no one can imagine!!

talking new marlins stadium after winning the WS
let us hope. if the marlins gut their team again, baseball may have to leave south florida.

Gammons: Marlins not one-year wonders
pretty good summary of the situation with the yankees.

Yankees entering winter of discontent
I think that one of the most telling parts of this article is at the end - where Miami is considering giving free tuition to private schools for the people working at the Freet Trade zone headquarters. Isn't that kind of a negative marketing message? We want you so bad that you don't have to deal with our own crappy educational system??

Miami as the center of the Western Hemisphere??
nothing like turning an important process into a political cluster f$ck.

The Globe and Mail
some chicks are just so damn cool!

McKeon is either going to be brilliant or a goat for this decision.

Beckett to Start Game 6 for Marlins
it had to happen eventually.

Pat Riley Resigns As Miami Heat Coach
ahhh - the joys of scut work for a senior partner at an NYC law firm - it's the SUSHI MEMO!!

Very interesting artical about supercomputer project @ Virginia Tech. Them Hokies aren't THAT dumb!

Low-Cost Supercomputer Put Together From 1,100 PC's

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21 — A home-brew supercomputer, assembled from off-the-shelf personal computers in just one month at a cost of slightly more than $5 million, is about to be ranked as one of the fastest machines in the world.

Word of the low-cost supercomputer, put together by faculty, technicians and students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, is shaking up the esoteric world of high performance computing, where the fastest machines have traditionally cost from $100 million to $250 million and taken several years to build.

The Virginia Tech supercomputer, put together from 1,100 Apple Macintosh computers, has been successfully tested in recent days, according to Jack Dongarra, a University of Tennessee computer scientist who maintains a listing of the world's 500 fastest machines.

The official results fo…
me want, me want bad....

New Tiny Treo Has Big PDA Storage
$1 Billion Dollar fundraising campaign for the University of Miami.

Momentum Miami
great review of the new iTunes music store.

Slashdot | iTunes for Windows Reviews
The question must now be - why wasn't this taken more into account?

State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq

WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 — A yearlong State Department study predicted many of the problems that have plagued the American-led occupation of Iraq, according to internal State Department documents and interviews with administration and Congressional officials.

Beginning in April 2002, the State Department project assembled more than 200 Iraqi lawyers, engineers, business people and other experts into 17 working groups to study topics ranging from creating a new justice system to reorganizing the military to revamping the economy.

Their findings included a much more dire assessment of Iraq's dilapidated electrical and water systems than many Pentagon officials assumed. They warned of a society so brutalized by Saddam Hussein's rule that many Iraqis might react coolly to Americans' notion of quickly rebuilding civil society.

now, this could be INTERESTING. barry bonds is a client of the company being investigated.........

Doping watchdog finds huge steroid conspiracy
so - the letters didn't come from as high as i had originally thought - though the fact that the spokesman for the battalion had originally said that there wasn't an organized effort to put these out to the various news sources.

that means one of two things - either the sargeant/spokesperson lied or the lt. colonel taking responsability for it lied....

up to you to decide on who.

fake letters
an all time favorite!!

i had snot bubbles coming out of my nose the day i read this in the computer lab and was trying not to laugh out loud.

* 200 Monkeys *
And the boys from Kazaa are back - threatening the multi-trilliion dollar communications industry instead of the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry this time!


To Whom May I Direct Your Free Call?

IN the fall of 2000, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis had not yet earned any powerful enemies, at least so far as they were aware. They were just two obscure Swedish entrepreneurs who had worked with three Estonian programmers to write a file-sharing application called Kazaa. At the time, the free program was merely one of Napster's several weak stepsisters, lumped together in news reports with the likes of Snarfzilla and ToadNode.

But a few months later, the record industry and its lawyers swatted down Napster. And Kazaa, with its easy-to-use interface and reliable technology, quickly began scooping up users. Kazaa does essentially everything Napster did, with one important difference.

Because Kazaa's file sharing relies on routing requests through i…
this has simply reached a new low - the depths of scumminess that the administration and the pentagon are going to now to try and put a positive "spin" on Iraq is disturbing at best, immoral at worst. that they are "spinning" an event in which more and more soldiers are dying every day... it makes me ill.

Newspapers sent same letter signed by different soldiers
looking good in the preliminary BCS projections.

Road to the BCS
and it's done - we will continue to have BC road trips!!

Boston College must pay the price
my favorite line from the story - "locals have been debating the artistic merit" of the butter-filled shoes. Guess the sun has gone down for the winter up there and they have nothing better to do?

Swedes Puzzled by Discovery of Butter-Filled Shoes
So, the doctoral student posts a paper that says defeating the encryption simply takes pushing on the "Shift" key. When the news first broke - the company said they weren't going to sue.

Now that this piddly little OTC company has lost $10mm in market cap - geez, what a surprise, they are pissed and have changed their minds.

I personally think that the real question is - why did they put out such a piece of shit product??

Princeton Student Sued Over Paper on CD Copying
From the Village Voice

Best of New York 2003
now, if this would only result in faster speeds and lower prices...

Ruling Opens Cable Lines
thank god they went with the local cell phone standard. if the US coalition would have pushed through a US based standard that would be uncompatible as iraqi's travel outside the country - it would have been a moral, ethical, and PR disaster.

Iraq Awards Mobile Telephone Contracts
You must be registered to access this. Registration is free and the NY Times is one of the worlds best newspapers - so just do it.

The New York Times: Italy
The day I get my Tivo, I need this book!!!!!

Hacking TiVo
ahh, the soft and subtle smell of failure, how pleasant!!

American run TV in Iraq
This can't be good for either side. I think I am going to skip any trips to the Greek Olympics. Wonder what the odds are now on a serious terrorist incident over there?

2004 security at risk
interesting investment strategy

most admired companies
Excellent article on iTunes vs. MusicMatch

Mac.Ars takes first-mover advantage (10/06/2003)
I just have one thing to ask - would the real Miami Hurricanes please stand up this Saturday??

message thread at re: Miami vs. FSU

Organizing With Upgrades
I am actually sad today as I have come to realize that I can place no faith - at all - in the people in Washington DC. I had, for whatever screwed up reason, kept in the back of my mind this thought that maybe they would be honorable at some level. Unfortunately, that hope, that belief, it's been totally shredded.

The first time around, it was the lies about the "yellow cake" uranium. They sent someone over to Africa to investigate. When he didn't bring back what they wanted to hear, they dismissed him and said the opposite. Then, when he said that they were lying, the White House (or someone it controls) exposed the name of both his CIA agent wife as well as the name of the front firm that she works for - possibly exposing a number of other agents as well.

So this time around, several groups started making estimates of how much oil revenue Iraq was going to be able to generate to offset the cost to the American taxpayer. We have been told all along that the Iraqi r…
And Bush says that he was right after all becaue one vial of a common source of food poisoning is found in a refrigerator. I wonder what the difference is between and a weapons program??

Theories Abound for Failure to Find WMD
Rush, are you upset about getting dogged in the media? Come on buddy, can you push it but not take it??

Rush: 'Trust me'
that delightful smell of irony is in the air!!

Telemarketing Execs On Do-Not-Call List
Thumbs up to those morally pure folks over at the White House that are pushing farther and farther, faster and faster, to prove that they have the common sense of a crack head child molester.

They get upset about something and decide - let's expose an undercover CIA agent and see what happens!! Good choice. I hope the bastards that did this go to a REAL prison and are Bubba's bitch by dinner time....

Leak of Agent's Name Causes Exposure of CIA Front Firm
Tiger has a monster day at the AmEx

Tiger opens five-shot lead at AmEx
Isn't it an oxymoron that someone that attempts suicide not once, but TWICE, in the past year is emotionally stable?? You have got to be freakin kidding me!!

Also - the budget for the DA to prosecute Kobe was already $2.1mm - and it's going up?!?! I would think that if your case was that good that you wouldn't NEED to spend that much money!

Bryant's accuser attempted suicide twice, but is emotionally stable
SSWEEETTTTTT - but where is TimeWarner?!?!

Cable Web Services Get Faster
i wouldn't mind this at all!!

Big East awaits ACC decision on Boston College
Interesting part of this is that, in theory, any adult Roman Catholic can be elected pope, while for centuries it has only been a cardinal.

The great question is which will happen first:
1 - black pope from Africa
2 - Latin pope from South America
3 - Anglo pope from North America

The Papacy
Please remember reading this article the first time that one of the planes flying into or out of Iraq is shot down - and realize that it most likely could have been prevented if the President gave two shits...

Sept. 27, 2003 | Even as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made headlines this week by announcing that up to 20,000 fresh troops may be called to Iraq, President Bush and members of the congressional leadership were quietly abandoning a plan to protect troop-transport airliners from missile attack by terrorists or Saddam loyalists.

The measure, first advanced by the Pentagon, would have begun an ambitious program to equip the commercial airliners that are used for troop transport with advanced technology to protect them from the shoulder-fired missiles. Confused by disarray in the administration's plans to protect airliners from missile attack, the House of Representatives slashed the original $25 million request to $3 million. Congressional officials say the Bush adminis…
I sincerly hope that the US Government remembers that successful PR means actually doing something - not just blasting out the same message over and over again:

U.S. Must Counteract Image in Muslim World, Panel Says

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 — The United States must drastically increase and overhaul its public relations efforts to salvage its plummeting image among Muslims and Arabs abroad, a panel chosen by the Bush administration has found.

"Hostility toward America has reached shocking levels," the panel stated in its report, which will be released Wednesday. "What is required is not merely tactical adaptation but strategic, and radical, transformation."

The report added that "spin" and manipulative public relations "are not the answer," but that neither is avoiding the debate. A copy of the report was made available Tuesday to The New York Times.

The panel warned that the war in Iraq and the intensified conflict in the Middl…
wondering if services like this foretell the coming acceptance and explosive growth of VoIP in a similiar way that email started off as a kitchy side note and became the net's killer app....

Talking In The Free World
he isn't entirely inaccurate in the review of our scoring this year.

Miami scoring
This falls under the heading of things that you can't make up!!

I think that my favorite line is "He added later that he made a major mistake in judgment."

School Apologizes for Nazi Display by Band