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Hormones Produced By Heart Eliminated Human Cancers In Most Mice Treated

What a fascinating piece of's only working on mice now but still. We are so early in our potential for scientific discovery and it's leaps of the imagination like this that need to be applied to things like alternative energy and other critical issues for our growing world - urban planning, agriculture.

The Democratic Math -- Political Wire

Wow - I thought that I was pretty well tuned into the process but this truly surprises me. From what I understand, Hillary has a fair bit of advantage with the far at least.


Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

Once we stop and think about the power of this and new tools like Blist, the opportunities to create applications that truly add value are going to be exploding over the next few years. Zombies, Vampire Bites and other silly "Web 2.0" applications are going to fade into the same recesses of our mind as the sock puppet.....