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doing nothing but boosting my confidence in airport security when twice in one week people have been found to smuggle themselves into airplanes..... wonder if that means that they could stash an explosive or something like that in there. ya think???

Dead body found in British Airways jet in US
Looks like the Isreali's are realizing that the simple math of their occupation plans doesn't work.

Israeli Leader Warns of Settlement Fight
It seems to me to be a stretch to go from "Saddam poses an imminent threat and has WMD in hand" this quote:

"Pressed to explain why his administration had asserted Saddam possessed weapons, when at best fragmentary evidence of programmes had been found, Mr Bush replied: 'So what's the difference? 'If he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger,' he said in an interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer."

what a suprise.... NOT!:
more horror stories from the world of e-voting. i mean, all the idiots have to do is hook up a little printer and give us a printed record! what is so hard, why are they fighting it tooth and nail?????

Voting machine maker dinged
hmmm, we put our young people's lives at risk, get shit on by the rest of the world, and now they want to ride our train to SUE SADAM?!?!


Iraq's Aggrieved Neighbors Line Up to Sue Saddam
So, on the one side of the coin you have stories about ballplayers like Joe Horn using his cell phone to celebrate a touchdown and guys like Gary Sheffield holding out for an extra million a year.... and then there are sports stories like this one.

he's too old and she made the mistake of her life by not doing this with me!!

Supermodel Heidi Klum pregnant
wonder why the writers feel threatened? just look at the average quality of writing on television today!

Fans Helping to write the shows they love
didn't realize this, and don't really like the sounds of it.

of the 22 players who started in the season finale against Pitt - 10 were seniors and another 4 juniors will most likely leave early.

Big East Season review - Miami
yet one more reason to hate the telecom companies!!

Not Switched, but Still on Hold
wow - a pretty strong look at what pettitte had to offer the yanks

Yanks better with Brown
more spectacular work by the US government in it's quest to screw up the rest of the world as much as possible

New Iraq army hit by resignations
you gotta read it to believe it

China orgy suspects go on trial
John Chambers @ Cisco - "cautious optimism".... wouldn't that be sweet?

Catchphrase of the Recovery
these guys are science superfreaks

Scientists freeze beam of light
first game of his second season after breaking a leg - Vick records third highest scrambling number for a QB in the history of the NFL..... sick, just sick

Atlanta vs Carolina
interesting. first phone to have MS Windows Smartphone OS. Wondering when Sprint will have one. They are such morons about Samsung and Sanyo phones though - I don't have alot of confidence. The one Sprint phone that would compete against this uses the Palm OS and is about $500 - way overpriced.

Motorola MPx200
hmm, what a surprise that the isreali's screwed up their estimates about iraq, i can't believe it!!

Israelis 'misread' Iraqi threat
chris folwer rules

Strange Days
honestly, what is the world coming to?

Are you ready for some football?
holy shit - da Boss is gonna have major aggita

Rangers willing to deal A-Rod to Boston
i think this means that the chinese are nto joking around here

China Threatens War over Taiwan Referendum
yet anothe reason that JetBlue rules over ALL OTHERS!!!!!

wireless hotspot - JetBlue
just make sure you have the volume turned up

Joe Cartoon : Gerbil in a Light Socket
screw em if they don't like it!

Israelis Unhappy at Powell Accord Meeting
giving wild bill some agita

Asian pirates take on Microsoft
College football in the state of Florida

Partly cloudy in Sunshine State, but forecast sunny
I...... LOVE...... TIVO......

Tune in to the new TV religion
OK, the voting is over. Tiger is not only the most talented golfer but the luckiest of the male species ON THIS PLANET!!!

Helping Tiger avoid wedding hazards
something strange is afoot at ESPN Page 2

Broncos DQ'd; Michigan wins bracket
when you need that Miami fix!!

University Wallpapers
So, the Canes are the de-facto Big East champs... regardless of what any other school thinks!!

Big East Tie-Breaking Procedure
may not be a glamorous consulting gig - but it sure seems interesting.

Accenture Makes A Market On EBay
the DoD looking for converged communications

Urge to Convergence
An interesting side note here is what Steinbrenne will do since he broadcasts Man U games on the YES Network

Man Utd confirm Glazer's stake
nothing like a good political scandal to freshen up my day - especially when it involves FRANCE

Book delves into frigate scandal

Roast Your Rivals!
a review of the eight memorials submitted for the WTC site.

The Eight Memorial Finalists
Trump is such a prick - I LOVE IT!

Trump vs. Time Warner
we may have ourselves a REAL center playing for the canes!

OCSN Interactive
I only have one question about this story.

It closes by"After all, if Google conducts an auction and the price proceeds to plummet, investors will blame Google, not its bankers."

My question is - wouldn't they blame Google either way? Who was standing there and yelling at the I-banks when Webvan and TheGlobe were tanking? No one complained about the i-banks till much later in the game and not for their lack of support for the shares but instead for portioning out shares to their friends. I think that Google will be a big enough deal that they will find a way to make one of the big bankers into Google marketmakers along the way, the only difference is that they will have to work for their money instead of skimming it all off the top.

Will Google be giggling?
i never would have believed it if i hadn't read it - i am still a little skeptical that this is some kind of hoax of a press release. a place like this doesn't really exist, does it??

College Holding First Dance in 143 Years
intereseting point of view.... and i agree with parts of it

Winslow given unfair treatment
interesting. don't know what it really means, but interesting none the less.

Saudi Blast Drives Push for Democracy
the buzz here in NYC is the "what if" of picking up A-Rod and having him move to 3rd.

Rangers Open to Trading Rodriguez
oh yeah - this is going to f#$%ing RULE!!!!!!!

Alien vs. Predator
this is a new movie that i haven't heard anything about - it could be BAD ASS!!!

The Day After Tomorrow
i want a dog

Network the Dog
excellent move by Dean - campaign finance reform isn't done yet and if he didn't do this then the republican cash machine would have crushed him.

Dean skips public funding for White House bid
this sucks ass - now we know Clemens won't be working it in athens!

US baseball is stunned, fails to make Olympics
evidence of superior thought process

New Kobe T-shirts: Cause for moving the trial?
you know, it was a compromise, but did we (the taxpayers) really get that much of a deal? i mean, the whole damn thing was "no-bid" anyhow!

Pentagon Agrees to Compromise on Boeing Tankers
oh shit - what a fucking mistake....

Miami Marlins? County OKs $73M for stadium
shitty career move #2 for Mr. Lowe. First time he gets himself caught on camera making whoopy with an underaged girl, now this. Good call rob, time to get a new agent!

NBC axes 'Lyon's Den,' 'Coupling'
i think i have found nirvana...

Premiere Home Theatre Surroundings
I would LOVE to see Google do an online sale of stocks to get around working with the big investment banks. That would be wild - totally turning Wall Street on it's head!

Microsoft 'explored Google tie-up'
yeah, even my company is being painted with this brush, i really wish they weren't....

Study: Bush donors rake in contracts

Girls pummel man who exposed himself
ahh, the pleasant stench of corporate welfare going bad again as the politicians and team owners go back and decide to screw over the fans once again!! Yeah, traffic in downtown Miami during rush hour will be a breeze!!

North-of-Dade fans: Drive to Miami stadium would be too far
What is the last time you heard about a kid being this straight up and honest? Impressive, I would want to look at recruiting him based on this act alone.

High School QB record erased
I've been talking about this since they first started the insane bidding wars on 3G licenses. Unfortunately for the wireless companies, they have actually been TOO successful since that bidding war happened, so many people have signed up and customer penetration rates are so high (85% in UK and 94% in Italy) that the only way to get people to move from their current phone/plan is to offer something truly compelling, and that isn't even close to happening yet.

3G - A Network too far?
please Miami, please please please don't give away the farm and prove yet again that you are a bunch of local yokels when it comes to politics and give the Marlins the key to the bank when it comes to financing a new stadium. it's simple, a ball club doesn't generate more income for the area and Miami needs revenue like no one can imagine!!

talking new marlins stadium after winning the WS
let us hope. if the marlins gut their team again, baseball may have to leave south florida.

Gammons: Marlins not one-year wonders
pretty good summary of the situation with the yankees.

Yankees entering winter of discontent
I think that one of the most telling parts of this article is at the end - where Miami is considering giving free tuition to private schools for the people working at the Freet Trade zone headquarters. Isn't that kind of a negative marketing message? We want you so bad that you don't have to deal with our own crappy educational system??

Miami as the center of the Western Hemisphere??
nothing like turning an important process into a political cluster f$ck.

The Globe and Mail
some chicks are just so damn cool!

McKeon is either going to be brilliant or a goat for this decision.

Beckett to Start Game 6 for Marlins
it had to happen eventually.

Pat Riley Resigns As Miami Heat Coach
ahhh - the joys of scut work for a senior partner at an NYC law firm - it's the SUSHI MEMO!!

Very interesting artical about supercomputer project @ Virginia Tech. Them Hokies aren't THAT dumb!

Low-Cost Supercomputer Put Together From 1,100 PC's

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21 — A home-brew supercomputer, assembled from off-the-shelf personal computers in just one month at a cost of slightly more than $5 million, is about to be ranked as one of the fastest machines in the world.

Word of the low-cost supercomputer, put together by faculty, technicians and students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, is shaking up the esoteric world of high performance computing, where the fastest machines have traditionally cost from $100 million to $250 million and taken several years to build.

The Virginia Tech supercomputer, put together from 1,100 Apple Macintosh computers, has been successfully tested in recent days, according to Jack Dongarra, a University of Tennessee computer scientist who maintains a listing of the world's 500 fastest machines.

The official results fo…
me want, me want bad....

New Tiny Treo Has Big PDA Storage
$1 Billion Dollar fundraising campaign for the University of Miami.

Momentum Miami
great review of the new iTunes music store.

Slashdot | iTunes for Windows Reviews
The question must now be - why wasn't this taken more into account?

State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq

WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 — A yearlong State Department study predicted many of the problems that have plagued the American-led occupation of Iraq, according to internal State Department documents and interviews with administration and Congressional officials.

Beginning in April 2002, the State Department project assembled more than 200 Iraqi lawyers, engineers, business people and other experts into 17 working groups to study topics ranging from creating a new justice system to reorganizing the military to revamping the economy.

Their findings included a much more dire assessment of Iraq's dilapidated electrical and water systems than many Pentagon officials assumed. They warned of a society so brutalized by Saddam Hussein's rule that many Iraqis might react coolly to Americans' notion of quickly rebuilding civil society.

now, this could be INTERESTING. barry bonds is a client of the company being investigated.........

Doping watchdog finds huge steroid conspiracy
so - the letters didn't come from as high as i had originally thought - though the fact that the spokesman for the battalion had originally said that there wasn't an organized effort to put these out to the various news sources.

that means one of two things - either the sargeant/spokesperson lied or the lt. colonel taking responsability for it lied....

up to you to decide on who.

fake letters
an all time favorite!!

i had snot bubbles coming out of my nose the day i read this in the computer lab and was trying not to laugh out loud.

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