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Russia joining OPEC?

This could be an interesting move - one that may introduce a whole new dynamic to world oil pricing.


McCain Transition Chief Helped Saddam Hussein

McCain Touts ‘Energy Expert’ Palin’s Credentials

Oh, yet another feather in Palin's cap of crap -

The gas pipeline that's being bragged about? Yeah, it's a $500mm (that's half a billion dollars in corporate welfare) GIFT to a CANADIAN company for work they don't have to do?!?!?!?!



McCain's mortgage plan

It's f'ing mind boggling that McCain is planning on paying the banks 100% of the value of the bad loans they wrote....f'ing mind boggling!!!

Donna Brazile Is Not Going To The Back Of The Bus

Do me a this, pass it on, and think about it before you pull the handle to close the curtain on your polling booth...

"I Voted For Hillary Clinton!"

Absolute proof that you should have to take an IQ test and get a license before being allowed to vote....there is no f'ing way that someone this STUPID should be allowed to have ANY part of electing the next leader of the free world! It makes me cry that their votes count the same as mine ;-(


Electoral College Projections

I wonder what McCain and Winky the clown would say if they saw this analysis of the current polling numbers:

"We are now projecting Obama to win the election 90.5 percent of the time, with an average of 346.8 electoral votes, and a 5.4-point margin in the national popular vote."

Kind of puts a smile on my face...a smile that has a hard time breaking through the grimace caused by the anger and hate of the McCain/Palin campaign.

McCain screwing up history....again...

I love when politicians say silly things like this....

1 In 6 US Homeowners Underwater

One in six homeowners owe more then the value of their home?!?! WHAT THE F*&K?

While this doesn't "really" impact them till they sell, it's a huge psychological weight....huge.


Stop sending mail you later regret

Gmail has hit a new high/low - you can now set up controls to prevent EWI (emailing while intoxicated!!)

Obama or McCain: Global Electoral College

Ok, I'll be the first one to admit that it's not very scientific. That being said - seeing Obama ahead 8375 to 15 in a "global electoral college" (McCain is winning the country of Georgia) makes you stop and think about how the rest of the world views that "shining city on the hill" and who's best positioned to lead it into the next decade.

And to top it all off, this is being done via The Economist - hardly a left leaning/liberal publication!

CNN: McCain cedes ground in Michigan

A month out and McCain is already starting to give up? What a freakin' wuss!


Correlating Rock Music to US Oil Production

Ok....I'm going to say it - anyone who takes the time to correlate US oil production against the 500 greatest rock music songs as decided on by Rolling Stone has WAY too much time on their hands....or are they onto something?!?!

Think Progress » McCain Clueless When Asked About Fiorina’s $40 Million Golden Parachute: ‘I Do Not Know The Details’

Let me get this straight.....McCain screams and yells (justly, I feel) about excessive executive pay yet doesn't know that Carly Fiorina got an ~ $40,000,000 payout......what kind of leadership is that??

Palin cut funding for Alaska Special Olympics.

At the RNC Palin stood up and said that the parents of special needs kids would have "a friend in the White House"....I guess they just didn't have one @ the governors mansion in Alaska when she cut Special Olympics funding??


McCain: Obama didn't call Palin a pig - War Room -

So now McCain says Obamba DIDN'T call Palin a pig?? So we chalk it up to "much ado about nothing"??

It either is or isn't an issue....


Why Lehman's Failure Is the Best Outcome

Wow, I like this.....someone taking the position (and notionally backing it up) that it was GOOD to let Lehman fail.


Today's Sarah Palin Madness

Oh, I love this...the "Caribou Barbie" / Sarah Palin doll!

The cruel offshore-drilling hoax, part 1 | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

Some great, straightforward analysis on the TRUTH about off-shore drilling and what a scam it is as a political issue.

Problem 1 - The oil companies have access to 200% more oil that they haven't tapped yet then there is available in ALL the new areas they want to start poking around!

Problem 2 - Even if they did start looking at the new areas it won't make a difference till 2030...maybe later?!?!


This is just plain cool.

It's also a great example of stats being skewed via self-selection. Take a look at how Obama "polls" via Twitter users - it's a LANDSLIDE!! I don't know how much better and work around the self-selection bias but at least it looks a bit more reasonable.

In addition, it's a great lesson in the oddities of the electoral college system. Obama and McCain could be a dead-heat percentage wise but as long as Obama carries the big states he's can walk away with it...hence the ever present discussion of battleground states.

Campaign Cola 2008 | Election Resources | Voting Vernacular

What are the poll tracking implications of the number of cases of soda bought with each candidates likeness on it?


Shannon, Marve, Suspensions and other things

Here's the keys to the article:
UF welcomes back player that beat up then shot at another student....with an AK-47!?!?!?
FSU welcomes back a player that was caught with a gun and weed
Penn State has had 46 players arrested since 2002 and says "I can't control what they do off field"
Georgia had 8 players arrested this off season


Every single REAL Canes fan needs to get behind Randy Shannon and support him 110% - no questions asked.

PickensPlan » Blog Archive » Too Hot For NBC

Alright, I know that Pickens has a vested interest in natural gas....but if this is true....and NBC simply doesn't want to run the ad for an as yet undetermined reason then this is just plain silly.


Apple’s iPod Touch Can Act as iTunes Remote For Music System | Nick Wingfield | Personal Technology | AllThingsD

This is just a cool, slick little app....makes me almost want to go get an iPod touch right now

Hacker: Gymnast He is 14, not 16 - Salon Olympics Daily - Salon

Hacker: Gymnast He is 14, not 16 - Salon Olympics Daily - Salon

In a pathetic attempt to achieve "Project 119" and greater glory, the Chinese government has actually done the opposite and "lost face" by doing things like this....sad....pathetic and sad

Think Progress » McCain falsely takes credit for ‘creating’ Do Not Call list.

Think Progress » McCain falsely takes credit for ‘creating’ Do Not Call list.

I wonder if this is going to be John McCain's version of "I invented the internet"??

Tooooo funny!


Best iTunes tip ever??

This is quite possibly the best iTunes tip EVER!!

Thanks Paul ;-)


Last of the Howard Johnsons?

I found this incredible to learn today - there are only THREE HoJo's left out there?!?!

Yeah, the site may not be inclusive but rabid fans that build sites like this usually have some good info.


30 Most Incredible Abstract Satellite Images of Earth : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti

These are some of the most incredible images I've ever seen....absolutely beautiful.


Think Progress » Despite all his fearmongering, McCain admits he doesn’t know ‘the nature of the threat’ from Iran.

This is mindboggling......I'm a bit flabbergasted to see someone who could possibly be the next President of the United States say "I can’t know whether a strike would be justified because I don’t know the progress or the significance or the nature of the threat. I know the threat is growing because of the continued development of nuclear weapons." and then he continues to say that the Iranian threat is serious!!

Huba wuba?!?!? Waaa?? I'm speechless as my ability to process remarks that ridiculous are completely stumped.

Honestly, no joke, I think this dude has stroked out a couple of times and no one has told us yet....he has a mini-stroke a day.

Like my email signature line says, "there is a time when panic is the appropriate response"and when someone this stupid has the potential to become President, it's high time to panic!!

Adding a feature to Gmail - how to organize email by attachment size

Here's one way to auto-magically do it (one way, probably not the right way but one way)

- Under the "More Actions" drop down is an option "sort by size"

- Gmail automatically scans all email attachments and creates a rank order by size.

- Gmail then automatically creates three buckets of small/medium/large. These buckets would be calculated based on a pre-set percentage - the 25% that are the largest are "large" - 50% in the middle are "medium" and the 25% that are the smallest are "small"

- The presentation would appear to the user much like the "settings" tab with "large" being the default that you always see first and set to the left (in the same fashion as Settings > General) and then medium (Settings > Account) and small (Settings > Label) following in order to the right.

- The emails themselves would be presented in a manner similar to the main Inbox view but with the file name, type and size shown an…

Think Progress » Blog Archive » Cheney: If U.S. Withdraws From Iraq, Al Qaeda Would ‘Acquire Control’ Of Country’s Oil Resources

Ok, up till now I have to admit that I just laughed at most of what came out of Cheney's mouth but this is so ridiculous that I'm actually stunned....and I'm terrified that someone out there might believe him.

Question 1 - Regardless of what the Shia and Sunni "may" do to al Qaeda the real question is what in the world would they (al Qaeda) DO with the oil? Does he really think that people would be lining up to buy oil from a known terrorist organization? Where would these phantom revenues come from?

Question 2 - Does the Dark Lord think that Saudi, Iran, Syria and...for that matter...the rest of the world would sit idly by and let al Qaeda take control of Iraq's oil? Being the master historian that he is, doesn't he remember Gulf War 1 when we kicked Hussein out of Kuwait over oil - and that time did it with global support by the way...ah, good old days before an imperial presidency :-)


Traffic shaping, network management and other broadband carrier issues

Traffic shaping, network management - it doesn't matter what you call it because there are parties on both sides of the argument that are bound and determined to shout and be heard above the opposition.

The worst part? I see and feel for both sides of the discussion. On the one hand you have people using their connection for perfectly legitimate reasons (but come on...we all "know" that the vast majority of bit torrent traffic is illegal downloads!! blind denial of this simply makes the rest of your arguments carry less weight!) who have signed up for "X" amount of bandwidth to use (for the most part) however they please. They simply expect their connectivity to work, no matter what. For the most part, I can't disagree with that stance.

On the other side you have the service provider/carrier that has been making investments over time and is adding customers to their network as fast as possible. They have a mission to make every customer as happy as the other.

Scientific American: A Solar Grand Plan

This article is a virtual must read if you are at all interested in seeing what can be done to push the boundaries of what we can do to break the chain of dependence (addiction) on oil....more importantly pushing petro-dollars to the Middle East.

OK lawmaker: ‘Gays are infiltrating city councils.’

Wow, I guess it's me being naive that I am so surprised to hear a politician saying things like this in a public forum.....a bigger threat then terrorism?!?! I'd also LOVE to hear his background data on which studies show this being the death knell to America.


McCain is ‘arrogant,’ his advisers ’scare me.’

Here's some thoughts on McCain and the people he chooses to surround himself with from the former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell...and I have a certain amount of confidence in the kind of people Powell picks to surround himself with.

Study: Daylight Saving Time actually raises utility bills : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech

While the rest of the article is interesting, it's the last sentence that I like the most :)


Bob Dole: McCain ‘has a temper.’

Via Think Progress
JUST what we're looking for in a president :)

Interesting Online Media plays

CBS steamed 50x more video content then Fox?!? I don't know what's more impressive, that number or the fact that NBC says that watching online video content increases brand recall while finding online video ads less disruptive....

That note, increased brand recall, really catches my attention. I wonder what could be done to boost that even higher? The converged/multimedia aspects of online video make the possiblities endless - from the fact that you can dynamically provide more relevant advertising in a very focused manner (i.e. if you are watching a travel show about the Caribbean you could get one ad if you are a man living in NYC vs. a woman living in the Midwest) as well as providing focused ancillary content, maybe blog posts or Wikipedia articles about the topic....providing a richer, more robust experience.

And by the way, wonder how much of their soul Move Networks sold to the devil to get this deal with M$??

Life is like a box of chocolates

I hope someone tells this croc that "life is like a box of chocolates" sometimes you just don't know what you're going to get when you bite in......I'm guessing this guy is happy that he won't be winning the Darwin Award this year :-)

Do Not Buy: Anti-Shark Device Eaten by Irony-Loving Great White

It's a bad day at the office when your anti-shark device attracts them instead.


Think Progress » The economic costs of war.

here's one of the reasons that an increase in taxes is, in my mind, inevitable. that doesn't mean that EVERYONE will have to pay more taxes, it's just that we're going to need to both decrease spending (getting us out of Iraq will be a huge help here!!) and increase revenue. i'm a bit more likely to trust the guys at goldman and nobel winning economists then the white house on issues like this.

Hormones Produced By Heart Eliminated Human Cancers In Most Mice Treated

What a fascinating piece of's only working on mice now but still. We are so early in our potential for scientific discovery and it's leaps of the imagination like this that need to be applied to things like alternative energy and other critical issues for our growing world - urban planning, agriculture.

The Democratic Math -- Political Wire

Wow - I thought that I was pretty well tuned into the process but this truly surprises me. From what I understand, Hillary has a fair bit of advantage with the far at least.


Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

Once we stop and think about the power of this and new tools like Blist, the opportunities to create applications that truly add value are going to be exploding over the next few years. Zombies, Vampire Bites and other silly "Web 2.0" applications are going to fade into the same recesses of our mind as the sock puppet.....

Lone trader caused 100 dollar price for oil - Yahoo! News

Lone trader caused 100 dollar price for oil - Yahoo! News

It feels incredible that in this day and age a lone trader can move a market so far and generate so much news globally as this guy did in making oil cross that magical $100/barrel mark. The crazy thing is that it's just psychological - there's no REAL value in that trade yet it created a big buzz around the world. Guess he was able to do what he set out to do and get a little famous....thanks Mr. Warhol