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Roast Your Rivals!
a review of the eight memorials submitted for the WTC site.

The Eight Memorial Finalists
Trump is such a prick - I LOVE IT!

Trump vs. Time Warner
we may have ourselves a REAL center playing for the canes!

OCSN Interactive
I only have one question about this story.

It closes by"After all, if Google conducts an auction and the price proceeds to plummet, investors will blame Google, not its bankers."

My question is - wouldn't they blame Google either way? Who was standing there and yelling at the I-banks when Webvan and TheGlobe were tanking? No one complained about the i-banks till much later in the game and not for their lack of support for the shares but instead for portioning out shares to their friends. I think that Google will be a big enough deal that they will find a way to make one of the big bankers into Google marketmakers along the way, the only difference is that they will have to work for their money instead of skimming it all off the top.

Will Google be giggling?
i never would have believed it if i hadn't read it - i am still a little skeptical that this is some kind of hoax of a press release. a place like this doesn't really exist, does it??

College Holding First Dance in 143 Years
intereseting point of view.... and i agree with parts of it

Winslow given unfair treatment
interesting. don't know what it really means, but interesting none the less.

Saudi Blast Drives Push for Democracy
the buzz here in NYC is the "what if" of picking up A-Rod and having him move to 3rd.

Rangers Open to Trading Rodriguez
oh yeah - this is going to f#$%ing RULE!!!!!!!

Alien vs. Predator
this is a new movie that i haven't heard anything about - it could be BAD ASS!!!

The Day After Tomorrow
i want a dog

Network the Dog
excellent move by Dean - campaign finance reform isn't done yet and if he didn't do this then the republican cash machine would have crushed him.

Dean skips public funding for White House bid
this sucks ass - now we know Clemens won't be working it in athens!

US baseball is stunned, fails to make Olympics
evidence of superior thought process

New Kobe T-shirts: Cause for moving the trial?
you know, it was a compromise, but did we (the taxpayers) really get that much of a deal? i mean, the whole damn thing was "no-bid" anyhow!

Pentagon Agrees to Compromise on Boeing Tankers
oh shit - what a fucking mistake....

Miami Marlins? County OKs $73M for stadium
shitty career move #2 for Mr. Lowe. First time he gets himself caught on camera making whoopy with an underaged girl, now this. Good call rob, time to get a new agent!

NBC axes 'Lyon's Den,' 'Coupling'
i think i have found nirvana...

Premiere Home Theatre Surroundings
I would LOVE to see Google do an online sale of stocks to get around working with the big investment banks. That would be wild - totally turning Wall Street on it's head!

Microsoft 'explored Google tie-up'