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Yet another reason to love the internet - crazy stories like this that someone wrote while sitting around their other medium in the world would allow an individual to distribute something so funny to so many so easily! fyi - for background it's in a section of the website Craigslist called "Missed Connections" which is where you post, largely on a lark, a description of someone you found fetching and didn't have the stones to even say "hi" to!

K and me in Boulder in front of "The Sink"

More pics from the Colorado trip. This one is outside a popular Boulder bar called "The Sink"....which is likely a reference to the fact that it's desperately in need of a wash ;) ....oh, Katie's going to HATE that one! She actually used to live in that apartment right on top of The Sink. Yeah, I'm sure that was conductive for good study habits.....

Shark and I at G$'s wedding

Hanging out with my buddy Shark at G$'s wedding...what a great night.

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005 was AWESOME. Spent most of it on the roof of a 4 story apartment building looking down on the parade in the Village...what a view....what an experience.
There's not much more I can add to this: Rejected iPod Engravings.
I realize that this is going to be coming across quite nerdish as it's just a few posts past my "hip hop yoda" but how in the world, being a child of the 70's as I am, could I pass up reading about "How the Death Star Works"? I mean, come on folks! This is the DEATH STAR that we are talking about. Home to Lord Vader and all that is evil in the universe ;)

Yet again, like with Yoda and other forms of random, the Internet continues to amaze me. How else would someone be able to distribute such a ridiculously excellent form of entertainment without spending too much time or money getting it published for print (and just exactly what mag would this work in? a fanzine of some kind or maybe Popular Science?) or do be some kind of special on a network - which would be basically the only two ways to go just a few short years ago.

The only problem that I see with the fracturing of the media world is how we find things we like. If there are 450 channels on - how do …
It's official - the Japanese are freaking CRAZY! Somehow or another they have decided it's entertaining to pit little girls with meat tied to their faces vs. a ravenous lizard! And no....I'm not joking.
Ok, let me get this straight - there was actually a fight in a bar involving two Carolina Panters cheerleaders because they were having sex in a bathroom stall? You have gotta be kidding me....why in the world am I not around when things like this happen???
I've been enjoying using Picassa from Google. It's a free photo editing tool that is extremely easy to use. This pic was originally a color shot from my trip to Boulder earlier this fall. I did some cropping, applied the sepia tone and then a film grain effect. It's one of my, I think, better efforts!