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Correlating Rock Music to US Oil Production

Ok....I'm going to say it - anyone who takes the time to correlate US oil production against the 500 greatest rock music songs as decided on by Rolling Stone has WAY too much time on their hands....or are they onto something?!?!

Think Progress » McCain Clueless When Asked About Fiorina’s $40 Million Golden Parachute: ‘I Do Not Know The Details’

Let me get this straight.....McCain screams and yells (justly, I feel) about excessive executive pay yet doesn't know that Carly Fiorina got an ~ $40,000,000 payout......what kind of leadership is that??

Palin cut funding for Alaska Special Olympics.

At the RNC Palin stood up and said that the parents of special needs kids would have "a friend in the White House"....I guess they just didn't have one @ the governors mansion in Alaska when she cut Special Olympics funding??


McCain: Obama didn't call Palin a pig - War Room -

So now McCain says Obamba DIDN'T call Palin a pig?? So we chalk it up to "much ado about nothing"??

It either is or isn't an issue....


Why Lehman's Failure Is the Best Outcome

Wow, I like this.....someone taking the position (and notionally backing it up) that it was GOOD to let Lehman fail.


Today's Sarah Palin Madness

Oh, I love this...the "Caribou Barbie" / Sarah Palin doll!

The cruel offshore-drilling hoax, part 1 | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

Some great, straightforward analysis on the TRUTH about off-shore drilling and what a scam it is as a political issue.

Problem 1 - The oil companies have access to 200% more oil that they haven't tapped yet then there is available in ALL the new areas they want to start poking around!

Problem 2 - Even if they did start looking at the new areas it won't make a difference till 2030...maybe later?!?!