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Last of the Howard Johnsons?

I found this incredible to learn today - there are only THREE HoJo's left out there?!?!

Yeah, the site may not be inclusive but rabid fans that build sites like this usually have some good info.


30 Most Incredible Abstract Satellite Images of Earth : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti

These are some of the most incredible images I've ever seen....absolutely beautiful.


Think Progress » Despite all his fearmongering, McCain admits he doesn’t know ‘the nature of the threat’ from Iran.

This is mindboggling......I'm a bit flabbergasted to see someone who could possibly be the next President of the United States say "I can’t know whether a strike would be justified because I don’t know the progress or the significance or the nature of the threat. I know the threat is growing because of the continued development of nuclear weapons." and then he continues to say that the Iranian threat is serious!!

Huba wuba?!?!? Waaa?? I'm speechless as my ability to process remarks that ridiculous are completely stumped.

Honestly, no joke, I think this dude has stroked out a couple of times and no one has told us yet....he has a mini-stroke a day.

Like my email signature line says, "there is a time when panic is the appropriate response"and when someone this stupid has the potential to become President, it's high time to panic!!