Interesting Online Media plays

CBS steamed 50x more video content then Fox?!? I don't know what's more impressive, that number or the fact that NBC says that watching online video content increases brand recall while finding online video ads less disruptive....

That note, increased brand recall, really catches my attention. I wonder what could be done to boost that even higher? The converged/multimedia aspects of online video make the possiblities endless - from the fact that you can dynamically provide more relevant advertising in a very focused manner (i.e. if you are watching a travel show about the Caribbean you could get one ad if you are a man living in NYC vs. a woman living in the Midwest) as well as providing focused ancillary content, maybe blog posts or Wikipedia articles about the topic....providing a richer, more robust experience.

And by the way, wonder how much of their soul Move Networks sold to the devil to get this deal with M$??


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