Think Progress » Blog Archive » Cheney: If U.S. Withdraws From Iraq, Al Qaeda Would ‘Acquire Control’ Of Country’s Oil Resources

Ok, up till now I have to admit that I just laughed at most of what came out of Cheney's mouth but this is so ridiculous that I'm actually stunned....and I'm terrified that someone out there might believe him.

Question 1 - Regardless of what the Shia and Sunni "may" do to al Qaeda the real question is what in the world would they (al Qaeda) DO with the oil? Does he really think that people would be lining up to buy oil from a known terrorist organization? Where would these phantom revenues come from?

Question 2 - Does the Dark Lord think that Saudi, Iran, Syria and...for that matter...the rest of the world would sit idly by and let al Qaeda take control of Iraq's oil? Being the master historian that he is, doesn't he remember Gulf War 1 when we kicked Hussein out of Kuwait over oil - and that time did it with global support by the way...ah, good old days before an imperial presidency :-)



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