Selection committee could be in BCS future
How exactly would a selection committe have fixed this years mess? There were three teams with the same record. Each one has a legitimate shot at the game. And let's look at the drive for a playoff. With the truly limited number of teams that can play at the top levels - in all honesty no more then 5 in a regular season - then is it a playoff that we really need? And if we are doing a playoff of - say - 4 teams, what about that 5th team? They have just as much of a right to be in the playoff as the other teams. This is where most pundits screw up by saying that in the case of a 4 team playoff that the 5th ranked team wouldn't have a reason to say that they deserve the national championship. That is arguing apples and oranges, it has nothing to do with the teams right to be champion but instead their right to PLAY for it. Isn't that what everyone is bitching about? I may be a bit skewed in my perception - but couldn't it be argued that the Miami Hurricanes would be a team to put in that playoff virtually any year - this one included? That's why it's just as important for that 5th place team as it is for the 3rd team this year - one you are in the playoff, anything can happen.

Now - the MOST interesting part about this article is right down at the end where this is written:

Tranghese said the BCS had no role in the coaches' guaranteeing their No. 1 spot to the winner of the BCS championship game. He described that as an arrangement between the American Football Coaches Association and the USA Today-ESPN poll.

Some coaches who voted USC No. 1 have grumbled about having to drop the Trojans on their final ballot.

"There's no rationale explanation for that, but we didn't make the deal," Tranghese said. "The coaches need to look in the mirror and say, 'I didn't know this?' They did know it. They just didn't think it through."


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