Miami proposes linking ballpark to Orange Bowl
Holy shit, this is turning into a goat fuck of titanic proportions that could ONLY happen in a place with as screwed up of a local government as Miami. I can't believe that adults would sit around and have this conversation. Can you even begin to fathom the kind of problems that would be brought on by bringing baseball sized crowds into the Orange Bowl neighborhood 81 (plus any potential playoff appearances) times a year!?!? Only a crackhead would come up with an idea this stupid. And then to do a half ass retrofit of the OB and reduce it's capacity by 25%??? And the topper? They are asking to get sign off on a South Florida baseball stadium without a retractable roof - I mean, has ANYONE BEEN LISTENING FOR THE LAST DECADE??

Miami doesn't deserve to have the Marlins and Fort Lauderdale won't get f*&%ed up the ass to take the Marlins - what a sad state of affairs for a World Series championship team, eh?


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