t r u t h o u t - Rick Perlstein | Bush Flees Iraq Mess On The Campaign Express: " Welcome to the new Iraq. Recently Lloyds of London has begun selling insurance to U.K. firms with reconstruction contracts, to pay off if America quits the scene before reconstruction is complete. An American insurer, Marsh & McLennan, has chosen not to offer its usual line of insurance for political risk, expropriation, and terrorism. The smart money in Iraq, it appears, is betting on a bugout.
'This is a plan that is entirely geared to create political peace in the United States from June to November,' Blumenthal observes. 'Whether it has any relations to the facts on the ground is another question.'
War opponents might be tempted to take heart: If President Bush wants to end an ugly and wasteful war in order to get elected, let him."

I wonder when the time will come that a US President gets called before an international war crimes tribunal for actions such as these. All Bush wants to do now is get out and get out fast. It doesn't matter if a single one of the things that he said we were there for are done or not.... it simply doesn't matter.


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