Hmmm, I wonder who is more to blame here.

Is it the warlords and drug dealers that are back doing their thing in the wild west that most of Afghanistan qualifies as?

Or coud it be the new neo-Taliban (I like that, it looks/sounds like neo-conservative, the name for the cabal running DC now. Of course, those are both a takeoff on NeoNazi - but we won't go there...wink wink) that are rearing their ugly heads?

Or could it simply be our screwed up governemt with Bush and his merry pranksters running amok as they exercise their demons of being dorks and picked on in school. I don't care what they say about Rummy, Rice, and Cheney - if they were in high school with me.... it would have been swirly time. The only decent one of the lot is C. Powell - but the rheotoric of the rest of them drowns him out. I mean, look at the link just a couple below where they are now saying that there was no effort by the administration to portray Saddam as having something to do with 9/11. Sorry boys - but we remember too well. Unfortunately, your spin has come to bite you in the ass - too many comments made out of one side of your mouth as you smirk with the other will get you in trouble......

Afghanistan: Current Trends Spell Disaster, Warns CARE


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