selling "stuff"

So, in the process of moving in with Katie I have had to pare down my pile o' stuff. Part of that paring down is the elimination of a healthy amount of recorded media.

I went through all my dvd's and sorted out about 2/3 to sell. Once I had figured out what I was going to do with them I had to figure out a way to do it. The first thought about was to try selling them to a used cd/dvd store here in the city but I was only going to get $1 or $2 each for the ~ 70 DVD's that I was getting rid of. That didnt' really satisfy me I decided to see what was available online.

The first thing that I had to do was create a list of everything that I wanted to sell - these damn guys expect to know what you're selling before they will tell how much they'll pay! So one Excel spreadsheet later I was running along and looking at a number of different websites to see what they had to offer. All you need to do is Google "sell used DVD" and a veritable plethora of options will be returned.

I went through and looked at about 6 or 7 options. Some of these sites expected you to enter information via UPC codes!! Wow - those were some sites I left immeadiately. Another problem is that most of them expect you to enter title's in one at a time which is great for a small order of 10 or less but I had about 70! Their other rule is that you have to send in a list of at least 100 to be considered for "bulk pricing" - what a pain in the butt. So, the one's that had the 100 DVD minimum, I sent in my list anyway via an email attachment. There were a couple that let me copy and paste the majority if not all of my list into a bulk upload tool....did I ever fall in love with them :) The first couple responses have already come back this morning - one told me that yes, I had to use their tool since it wasn't an order of 100 DVD's or more. The other people were a little more accomadating and offered me either $198(+ $10 to cover the cost of shipping) or $281 to use on their site as a credit to buy thinks that I would be going for the cash. I'll give some of the other sites a day or two before I make up my mind on who to go with.

So now that the DVD's are in process I'm starting to figure out what to do with my ~ 180 CD's. I ended up going with a friend of a friend that is running a service called Hungry Pod. She came last night and picked up two boxes of CD's to be burned to DVD's as MP3 tracks and then I'm going to have to figure out a way to sell these CD's as well. At least the sites that ask for 100 or more will accept my list as an email attachment. It's all digital from here on out baby!

I'm wondering what I'll get for the CD's when I go to sell them....

The best part is that we are, I think, on the cusp of a revolution in which we won't have to buy physical media ever again....if we don't want to. Everything that can be delivered via the 'net will be delivered that way. It's soooo much more efficient and with the price of storage dropping so quickly it will simply be a matter of choosing to store the content locally yourself, with the site that sold it, or at some 3rd party that offers advanced storage and backup capabilities. The penetration of broadband is making a real business out of some of these online storage solutions.

Back to work and waiting for some more quotes!



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