Miami put on a show for the ages on Saturday night and no small part of that has be laid at the feet of one Mr. Brock Berlin. He was able to come out of that lockeroom into a second half that saw him booed as he came out for the second series. I know that I didn't boo him - and there were 30,000 Gator ticket holders there - but I have to believe that some of the Hurrican Nation turned on him for a minute there. Of course, we, like the rest of the media driven public, have the attention span of a teste (sp?) fly on acid and as soon as he put up a TD, we were back in his camp. Personally, I think that a HUGE part of the success in the second half had to do with Gore sitting back there in the pocket with Berlin and throwing some awesome blocks as well as the receivers trying to be receivers again and catching those damn balls. All in all, the single most exciting game that I have ever had the pleasure to attend - though I would have been just as happy with the blowout we all saw coming after being a touchdown up just seconds into the game.

On the other side of the conversation though - one has to look around and see who the truly powerful teams are out there this year. According to some people - Ohio State deserves to be right up there in the heavens. I'll tell you - Krenzel was VERY impressive in that first outing against Washington State. He impressed the hell out of me and I was wondering what the Buckeyes could do for themselves this year. Unfortunately for them though - there is no joy in Columbus when you beat San Diego State 13 to 16. That super power in the Sooner Nation - Oklahoma - they aren't THAT impressive either. I mean, they beat Alabama - the team that beat South Florida by a score that doesn't really show how close a game it was. The new kid on the block - NC State - gets beat by a Wake Forest team (yes, you read that right, Wake Forest) that is coming out of nowhere but should be a cake walk for an ACC title contender. Some analyst picked Virginia to go all the way to the championship game - but they are returning to form with a dismal loss to South Carolina. That mad little irishman Lou Holtz can just screw your day like no ones business. And how about Notre Dame - down late to Wash State and needing to pull one out in OT to win that home opener. What can Colorado say while nearly losing to UCLA?? If there is anything to be said about college football - it's this - FSU is back! Greg Jones is a machine and Miami had better look out for them this year because they have the swagger back and Rix can get downright lucky sometimes. And lastly - how many of us would it take to vote Kansas State off the island for scheduling just about the pansiest bunch of non-conference opponents out there?? It wasn't broke, why did Florida fix it?


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