It doesn't matter if you like George W. or not - you have to admit that this week has been about as bad politically as it could have been. In just the past week we have:

1) Crossed the line to 2,000 American deaths in Iraq. While the 2,000th death doesn't have any less significance then 1,956th, the symbolism hasn't been lost on the press and I'm guessing in the eyes of many.

2) Harriet Miers pulls out of the running to become Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. The interesting part here is that I read in the NY Times a quote by a Republican Senator just the day before that there was no way that she would pull out before going to the Judicial Committee - it would be seen as embarassing to the President. Guess he's embarassed as she didnt' even make it close.

3) Now it's time to ring up a nice closing to the week with "Scooter" and Karl "Satan" Rove tee'd up for possible indictments. I shouldn't mock Karl too much - he's just THE perfect political operative - nothing more, nothing less. If he was supporting and advising someone that I liked then I would love him!

I understand that George is heading up to Camp David for the weekend - think he had to ask Condi if he could go out of town for the weekend :)


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