so i've been sitting and stewing over the ridiculousness flying all over the web re: scratches on the ipod nano and it's come to the point that i have to finally weigh in. when i saw the news yesterday that some lunatic is planning a class action law suit over the nano scratching too easily i nearly lost it - especially when i read that the heart of their complaint is that apple designed the nano with an poly/acrylic layer that is too thin therefore making it more susceptible to scratching. now here's my question, how would the thickness of the layer make it any more or less "scratchable"? it doesn't matter if it's an eigth of an inch thick or two inches thick - the scratching would be the same. it's completely irrelevant! the point SHOULD be if the resin layer is any less hard then that used on previous ipods - making it more susceptible to scratching and that my friends is where they are going to have a problem because apple is using exactly the same material. in my mind, the problem is that the black nano is outselling the white nano something like 5 to 1 and the scratches are much more visible against that black background. the other problem is that people are taking advantage of the nano's small size and putting it in their pockets and other places where it can be easily scratched with keys, change, etc. the larger ipods don't have that problem because, well, they're larger! if you want to see the results of a completely non-scientific test on the nano's durability - take a look here.

so here's my closing thought - you have to be a complete f'ing nelly to bitch and moan about this. this is nothing more then a sign of how plush and easy our lives are when people can get this wrapped around the axle over something so ridiculous!


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