oh, i know it's a horrible sign of conspicuous consumption but i absolutely crave this new camera from kodak! first of all, it's black, which is much cooler then all the damn silver electronic gear that we have been dealing with for the last few years. check out the size of that screen on the back - it's totally drool-worthy. why is it conspicuous consumption? because i already have a perfectly good digital camera - another kodak to tell you the truth. the only problem is that it's not as small, the screens not as big, it's silver and not black and it's not 5 mp....but other then that it's fine!

who in the world woke up one day and decided that cell phones, tv's, and everything else looked better in silver then in black?? HELLOOOOO - don't they know that black is more slimming :) perfect example - motorola stratac. the black version was, quite possibly, the most perfect phone ever made. i know, the functionality can't rival what we can do these days on the newest samsung or whatever - but it looked soooo good! i'm betting that's why they went and came out with the black RAZR....i'm tempted to get one just cuz it's so bad ass looking. i've been a samsung customer for the last few years while using sprint pcs and just swapped back to moto when i changed to verizon and i have no idea what in the world i was thinking. i mean, this thing is so f'ing cludgy. the menu's suck, the UI blows, i'm an idiot.

on a much better note let's talk about how i totally kicked a$$ at guesstures this weekend when we had "game night" after a dinner party. if you don't know the game it's like charades on speed. not exactly the most brain-bending game of all time but hey, it makes everyone laugh and that's what counts.


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