this is all i want to know - is harriet miers really the MOST qualified candidate for the Supreme Court out there? Of the 295,734,134 people in the United States, is she the best? so far her credentials seem to be the ability to tell the bush's that their daughters ought to realize that they are "cool"....hmmm....shaky legal qualifications in my mind. she ran her law firm - that should be telling in and of itself. what law firm put's it's sharpest legal mind in an operational role where she will spend more time deciding on which supplier to buy paper from?!?!

hell, to top it all off she get her JD @ SMU - hardly a bastion of legal excellence ranking just ahead of pitt and just behind baylor in this years us news & world report grad school rankings.

shouldn't we strive to have the BEST legal minds on that bench? more then ever before this appoinment reeks of cronyism and it's pathetic, no, it's just sad.....


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